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The 40 steak and seafood has 5 unique dining rooms,

all named after different characteristics or industries that make North Dakota a great State. Each room has its own theme with different furniture, fireplaces, ceiling, flooring and artwork giving each room its own unique and different feel.


Women of the Prairie

This room is dedicated to the hard working women of North Dakota. The artwork shows women doing various jobs in the early years of North Dakota. The furniture and fireplace have a prairie influence. Agriculture and Women in North Dakota have always been the backbone of the State.


Cattleman’s room

This room is dedicated to the ranchers of North Dakota. The room has a rustic ambiance with lots of rustic wood and artwork of local ranchers.


Governor’s room

North Dakotas political system is unique from other States and our past Governors have shaped what we are today. The artwork is of various past Governors. Marble floors and wood walls bring a feeling of elegance.


Three Forks

Three forks is an oil formation south of the Bakken and closest to Bismarck. The artwork in this room shows all 3 different oil booms in ND. Some of the photos are form the very first oil wells drilled in Tioga ND in the 50’s. The other artwork shows the second oil boom that happened in the 70’s. The newest photo shows the oil boom of today. The stained glass on the wall is from an old Methodist church and the lighting is all tiffany style stained glass. This is the largest of the dining rooms.


Family Room

North Dakota is a great State because it was founded and built with strong families. Families are something that many North Dakotans believe strongly in and dining together is a tradition. The family room is an informal room with a fireplace that will make all ages feel at ease.