The Rusty Nail lounge is full of character with unique drinks and liquors to match its rustic charm.

With a roaring fireplace on one side of the room and a full bar on the other you can’t help but sit back and relax. The bar is stocked with over 100 different whiskeys, 40 different scotches and 32 tap beers. The stain glass is from an old Methodist church and the brick comes from the historic Grand Pacific hotel (downtown Bismarck 1906 – 1974) .


Espresso^ ~ Its our most popular martini 8.75

Birthday Cake~ Smirnoff iced cake, white chocolate 8.50

Lemon Drop^~ Smirnoff lemon sorbet (add strawberries for a strawberry lemon drop) 8.50

Cosmopolitan^~ Classic cranberry martini 8.50

Sidecar~ Jameson whiskey, triple sec, lemonade 8.75

Salted Caramel ~ Salty caramel goodness 8.50

Ketel Bleu ~ Ketel One vodka with bleu cheese olives 9.50

007 ~ Choose your vodka or gin, dirtiness and dryness 8.50
Extra Dry=Dash of vermouth
Dirty=Olive juice
Twist=Lemon peel
Straight Up= No vermouth

Housemade Bleu Cheese Olives 2 for .25


Caspars Manhattan ~ You will enjoy our take on this classic. We use the finest vermouth in the world, Antica red, Bulleit 10 year bourbon and Woodford cherry bitters 10

Moscow Mule^ ~ Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer, lime juice 8
Choose Jim Beam and make it a Kentucky Mule

Manhattan~ Whiskey, bourbon or brandy, vermouth, maraschino cherry, angostura bitters 8 Sub scotch for a Rob Roy

Old Fashioned~ Pick your bourbon, brandy or whiskey 7

Godfather ~ JW Black 12 yr Scotch, Disarrano 8

Margarita ~ 100% agave Jose tradicional, lime, triple sec, sweet and sour 8

Bloody Mary^~ Smirnoff, olives, lime and our secret recipe mix 8.75

Bloody Caesar^ ~ Smirnoff, shrimp cocktail, olives,  and our own secret mix 8.75


Sweet Lemonade ~ Smirnoff Raspberry, lemonade 8

^ Upgrade to Ketel One $1.75


Glenlivet 12
Glenlivet 15
Glenlivet 18
Glenlivet 21

Glenlivet Nadurra
Glenfiddich 12
Glenfiddich 15
Glenfiddich 18
Dewars White
Dewars Honey
Dalwhinnie 15
Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition
Glenrothes 1998
Glenrothes 2001
Glenrothes Select Reserve
Macallan 12
Macallan 15
Macallan 18
Macallan 25

Macallan Rare Cask
Lagavulin 12
Lagavulin 16
Lagavulin Distillers Edition
Oban 14
Oban Distillers Edition
JW Red
JW Black
JW Gold Label Reserve
JW Platinum
JW Blue
Talisker Storm
Talisker 10
Talisker 18
Talisker Distillers Edition
Caol Ila 12
Glenkinchie 12

Balvenie 12 yr

Cutty Sark Prohibition

Highland Park 12 yr

Highland Park Dark Origins

Craggenmore 12


Wild Turkey 101

Wild Turkey Forgiven

Wild Turkey Sting
Russels Reserve
Colonel E.H. Taylor

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses Small Batch

Four Roses Yellow Label

George T. Stagg

Evan Williams Single Barell
Makers Mark
Makers 46

Rebel Yell Small Batch
Knob Creek

Knob Creek Single Barell

Knob Creek Smoked Maple
Ridgemont Reserve 1792
Bulleit Bourbon
Bulleit 10
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Devils Cut
Basil Hayden’s
Woodford Reserve



Hudsons Baby Bourbon


Crown Royal
Crown Royal Maple
Crown Royal Black
Crown Royal Reserve
Crown Royal Peach
Crown Royal Texas Mesquite

Crown Apple
Canadian Club



Jack Daniels

Jack Single Barrel

Sazerac Rye

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye

Knob Creek Rye

Templeton Rye Small Batch

Colonel E.H. Taylor Rye

George Dickel #8

George Dickel #12

George Dickel Rye

Bulleit Rye



Jameson 12 yr