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PEI MUSSELS Steamed with roasted red pepper sauce 10
^LOBSTER GUACAMOLE Fresh Maine lobster meat, fresh guacamole, corn chips 16
Plain 8
ASIAGO TRUFFLE FRIES Truffle oil, asiago, green onions, garlic 6
BEER BATTERED SHRIMP Beer battered shrimp skewers 10
BRUSCHETTA Garlic, melted cheese, olives, prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes,  balsamic reduction 4
^SMOKED PORK BELLY Local bacon, homemade maple bourbon sauce
CALAMARI Fried calamari, roasted red pepper sauce, whiskey aioli 8
^SHRIMP COCKTAIL Seasoned shrimp 13
LETTUCE WRAP Chicken, thai sauce, vegetabales, wonton strips, ponzu, sweet chili sauce 6

^EDAMAME Whole pods steamed and salted 5

CHEESE & MEAT PLATE Artisanal cheeses, olives, bacon, prosciutto, pastrami cured salmon 1

MEATS PLATTER Sliced prime rib, brisket, pork belly, crackers, cucumbers, mustard 13
^CRAB MARTINI Fresh crab meat, celery, spicy ranch, corn chips 12
SALMON & TROUT CROSTINI Cold smoked salmon, trout, pastrami cured salmon, cucumber, bleu cheese spread, naan bread 6
BATTERED CAULIFLOWER Spicy battered cauliflower, celery, ranch 6
BRISKET NACHOS Braised brisket, BBQ sauce, super slaw, corn chips 8
AHI TUNA BITES sliced rare ahi tuna, guacamole, Naan bread, Unagi sauce 8


^Fresh Raw or Rockefeller




 Oysters sold by half dozen

*There is a risk associated with consuming raw protein. If you have any chronic illness of the liver, stomach, blood, or have any immune disorder, you are at greater risk of illness from raw proteins, so you should eat them fully cooked.

^Gluten Free