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BRUSCHETTA Garlic, melted cheese, olives,  sun dried tomatoes,  balsamic reduction 6
^SHRIMP COCKTAIL Seasoned shrimp 13
LETTUCE WRAP Chicken, thai sauce, vegetables, wonton strips, ponzu, sweet chili sauce 8

^EDAMAME Whole pods steamed and salted 5

CHICKEN CURRY Grilled chicken, curry, fresh vegetables, naan bread 8
STEAK BITES  Steak tips, cheese, Bavarian mustard 7
DEVILED EGGS Bacon and mustard 6
POTSTICKERS  Chicken and lemon grass pan fried 6
40 SEAFOOD DIP Baked lobster meat, shrimp, cream cheese, fire roasted artichokes, spinach, garlic bread 13


^Fresh Raw 


 Oysters sold by half dozen

*There is a risk associated with consuming raw protein. If you have any chronic illness of the liver, stomach, blood, or have any immune disorder, you are at greater risk of illness from raw proteins, so you should eat them fully cooked.

^Gluten Free